Robotica anno 2012"

“Robotica anno 2012”

Aanvang: ( 13 maart 2012 )

Spreker: Prof. P.P. Jonker

Titel: “Robotica anno 2012”


Design of Mind and Brain of Humanoid Robots. Humanoid Robots will enter households within a few decades from now. In order to be fruitful helpers in the household, e.g. in eldery homes, the robots should be designed to smoothly interact with humans both in a physical and a mental way. This means that we have to take a close look into how humans do it. Moreover, by building robots, we can also learn how humans really work. For instance by building humanoid robots that walk like humans we discovered the physical laws how humans walk and we developed a stability measure for walking. This lecture will explore the differences and similarities in human and robot brains.

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