“ChatGPT in Healthcare: threat or opportunity’’ (ChatGPT in de zorg: bedreiging of kans)

Thiago Ramos Grigio, anesthesioloog en onderzoeker bij het UMCG Pijncentrum zal de lezing geven in het Engels.

 Join us for a lecture where we’ll talk about ChatGPT and how it can be used in healthcare. We’ll explore the good things and the not-so-good things about using this technology in the health field.

Inhoud van de lezing.

What You’ll Learn1. What is ChatGPT?:

•        Understand the basics of ChatGPT and what it can do.

See how it can be helpful in changing how we talk about health.

2. Good Things about ChatGPT in Healthcare:

•        Learn how it can make it easier for people to learn about their health.

Find out how it can help doctors and nurses with their work.

See how it can give personalized health information.

3. Real Examples:

•        Hear about times when ChatGPT has been used well in healthcare.

Learn how it can be used to support and help patients.

4. Things to Think About:

•        Talk about the important choices we need to make when using ChatGPT in healthcare.

Understand concerns about privacy, fairness, and how clear it is when ChatGPT is used.

5. Let’s Talk!

•        Ask your questions and share your thoughts.

Work together to think of ways ChatGPT can be useful and any challenges we might face in the Netherlands